Board & Committees

Executive Board
  • President:  Monica Williams

  • Vice President: Rich Pearson

  • Treasurer: Louise Loh

  • Secretary: Amy Lauterbach

  • Dir. of Facilities & Equipment: Dave Winters

  • Dir. of Communications: Ed Anderson

  • Member at Large: LaDoris Cordell

  • Member at Large: Jimmy Young

  • Member at Large: Susan McConnell

  • Membership Chair:  Amy Lauterbach

  • Intermediate Training:  Kathy Levinson  

  • Sanctioned Tournaments:  Tom Foladare

  • Rules:  Sam Friedman

  • Lost and Found: Susan Kearney, Helen Carroll

  • Barriers:  Victor Wong

  • Photographers: Dan Clark, Lee Tourist, Jim Colton, Mimi Weinberg.

  • Website: Ed Anderson

Minutes of all Board Meetings and Annual General Meetings are public documents, and can be viewed HERE.